What Size Allen Wrench For Garbage Disposal? Let’s Find Out!

There is a socket at the bottom called a disposal wrench slot in modern garbage disposal machines. The slot is used to free jammed motors or blades by Allen wrench. 

It’s a universal slot on maximum garbage disposal and fits any 1/4 inch Allen wrench to jam free the whole unit. So, let’s get into the article where I will describe “what size Allen wrench for garbage disposal” and other techniques.

What Size Allen Wrench For Garbage Disposal And Other Techniques!

Allen Wrench Size For Garbage Disposal

Allen wrench is used to rotate jammed blades of garbage disposal. The manufacturer put a hole at the bottom, directly connected with the motor called disposal wrench slot.

The socket size remains almost the same on every garbage disposal machine. As the hex socket size remains the same, the Allen wrench will remain the same to rotate the motor back and forth. 

To match with any garbage disposal slot, you need a 1/4 inch Allen wrench to fit with the socket. This Allen wrench size will fit easily, and by rotating it back and forth, you can easily free the motor.

Which Brand Allen Wrench Best For Garbage Disposal

In all the garbage disposals that have disposable wrench slots, the manufacturer provides a 1/4 inch Allen wrench with all their units. The provided Allen wrench is the best to fix the garbage disposal.

But in the market, you will get a different brand of Allen wrench set. From them, REXBETI, MULWARK, and Inpower are the best brands.

How to Fix Garbage Disposal With Allen Wrench

What Size Allen Wrench For Garbage Disposal

Using an Allen wrench to fix garbage disposal is one of the most effective and easier ways than using other tools. There are two ways to fix garbage disposal with an Allen wrench; you can directly use an Allen wrench or use a flashlight and needle-nose pliers before using an Allen wrench.

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First, turn off the garbage disposal switch and plug out the power cable for safety. Then, take a flashlight and look in the hole. If you see anything stuck in the hole, take needle-nose pliers or use your hand to take out the mess. 

After that, go underneath your sink; then, see the bottom of the garbage disposal and find the disposal wrench slot. After finding the hex slot, take a 1/4 inch Allen wrench, fit it into it, push back and forth firmly; do it in both directions. If it seems much tight or doesn’t back and forth easily. Then do it with pressure until it twists freely in a full circle. 

Remove the Allen wrench and plug in the power cable. Then run the water supply so that the mess can flow through the drain. After that, turn on the garbage disposal and look at the blades running freely.

Alternative of Allen Wrench To Fix a Garbage Disposal

Allen wrench is the best to fix the garbage disposal. But if you don’t have that on that time when your garbage disposal got stuck. You can use alternative tools such as a Broom handle, Disposal wrench, Pliers, or tong.

Using the Allen wrench tool, you have to fix the garbage disposal from the bottom but using one of these tools; you don’t need to fix it from the bottom. On the upside, you can fix the problem of garbage disposal. 

Pick one of them and put it inside the garbage disposal upside down and back and forth the blade firmly to free the blade.

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Allen Wrench For Garbage Disposal- FAQS

Q. What size Allen wrench is used for InSinkErator?

Ans: In an InSinkErator disposer, they provide a standard 1/4 inch Allen wrench with all their disposal units. You don’t need to buy it from the market, and with this 1/4 inch Allen wrench, one can easily jam-free its disposal.

Q. How do you unjam a garbage disposal with a broom?

Ans: First, turn off the switch and plug out the cable. Then take a flashlight and see the disposal hole from the upside. Then try to find out the jam or locate the jam.

After that, then use a broom’s downside to insert it in the disposal hole and do it up and down a little bit. Also, back and forth the blade firmly to get it free. Then turn on the water supply and run the disposal.

Q. What does it mean when your garbage disposal just hums?

Ans: If your garbage disposal just hums, it means your disposal blade got jammed or got blockage by something. Also, sometimes, putting an extra load of food in the disposal, the blade can’t rotate and stops the whole system. 

The humming garbage disposal can be fixed using a broom, Allen wrench, disposal wrench, and pliers.

Q. Can you replace blades on a garbage disposal?

Ans: Yes. You can easily replace blades on the garbage disposal. If you see your disposal blades are getting jammed on a regular basis and not cutting properly. 

Then it might be the reason your blade loses its strength. You just have to go to the market and have to buy an impeller plate. You can replace it on your own or hire a professional to replace it. 

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All the garbage disposal comes in a universal 1/4 inch size slot. So, wait for a 1/4 inch Allen wrench; you can easily jam-free any garbage disposal. 

Also, I told you the simple technique to jam free garbage disposal with an Allen wrench. I hope you get the points. Thank you.

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