Sunex vs Gearwrench: Which One is the Best in 2023? (Updated)

If you are regularly working with wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, sockets also related different tools, then you must know about the most popular brands among the tool manufacturers in the automotive industry. Though in the market, you can see dozens of tools manufacturers. Yet, Sunex and Gearwrench are among the most popular.

Most experts prefer these two brands, so consumers are very interested to know the difference between sunex and gearwrench. In this, our comparison guide is basically made with differences between sunex vs gearwrench, where we are discussing the differences part by part most crucial factors, which will help you to find the most suitable one for you. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Sunex Tool Wrench Overview

Sunex vs Gearwrench
Photo Credit: SunexTools.Com

Sunex is an ancient American tool manufacturer brand that makes various essential mechanical tools. The built quality of the tools they make is very high. The Sunex wrench and their other tools are also highly acclaimed by consumers.

There are also many more features, which we will discuss completely in the comparison guide below.

Gearwrench Tool Overview

Photo Credit: Gearwrench.Com

Gearwrench is one of the most popular wrench brands on the presents market; they manufacture almost all essential automotive tools at a reliable cost. According to most professional mechanics, Gearwrench is one of the best selections for personal, professional, and any work field. Also, their various types of wrenches help to find wrenches that are suitable for your work.

Sunex vs Gearwrench: Detailed Comparison Guide

In this section, we will discuss each feature of both brands in detail. It will help you a lot, to get an opinion in detail about the two brands. Let’s see.

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First of all, if we compare the durability aspect, then we can see that both the brands are very popular for their higher sturdy quality. They did not compromise on quality. Their most tools use higher resistant alloy, sturdy steel, which is highly durable in terms of quality.

Gearwrench uses durable chrome alloy steel to build most of their tools, which are highly resistant and sturdy. On the other hand, Sunex uses chrome molybdenum in most of its tools, which also have higher strength and durable quality.

So in terms of durability, we can’t keep anyone special. However, Gearwrench is a great option for automotive repairing.


Undoubtedly in terms of compatibility, Gearwrench is ahead of almost all brands, not just Sunex. Because the Gearwrench has designed almost all the essential tools with compatibility in mind, you will find nearly any size speed tools that are suitable for any of your mechanical work. That’s why Gearwrench is far ahead of Sunex in terms of compatibility and versatility.

Torque Speed

Torque speed plays a very important role in wrench selection. It is very necessary to see. In short, torque means spinning speed; that’s why torque-speed is a key factor for wrench-related work. Gearwrench currently includes many advanced features in their wrenches, which makes them very popular.

On the other hand, Sunex has already included advanced torque-speed features in most wrenches. But now, they are adding new upgraded features to their tools to keep up with the competitors. But considering in terms of torque-speed, Gearwrench is far ahead.


Price range is a big factor because most consumers want to get the best products within the budget. As a result, most manufacturers want to build their products within the affordability of users. Though Sunex is a very popular brand, they have made their products a little bit expensive to provide the highest quality. Due to this, the price race is far behind the gearwrench.

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However, compared to Sunex, Tekton, ToolGuards, Craftsman and other brands, Gearwrench is a completely affordable price range. Gearwrench always designs all the tools within reach of all mechanics. Due to this, their wrench, torque wrench, screwdriver, toolbox and many other things become inexpensive.

Customer Service

Though almost all of Gearwrench’s products seem most useful to us, there are two-way observations about their customer service. Most consumers complain about their customer service because they are very late in their communication.

However, Sunnex does not have any communication gap as their quality; they provide easy solutions for every problem. Also, Sunnex is much appreciated by consumers for its faster support.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is sunex made in USA?

Not all the tools of the Sunex brand are made in the USA. Their tools are made in different countries in the same way by maintaining a standard. All their tools are made of higher strength materials, so there is no compromise in terms of quality whether it is made.

Why are impact sockets so expensive?

These questions can be heard from most consumers. It basically depends on the types of sockets, quality, whether shallow or deep sockets and how many sockets you are buying. One thing you must keep in mind is that deep sockets require more materials to make, due to which their price is a bit expensive.

Is Gearwrench a Good Tool Brand?

Undoubtedly, the Gearwrench brand is at the top of the list of the best tools brands you can see on the market. You will find essential tools of almost all sizes, as well as in terms of durability, reliability, and affordability; gearwrench is far ahead of other brands. Also, Gearwrench is becoming more and more popular among professionals.

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Final Verdict

Sunex and Gearwrench are both well-known brands in the wrenches and automotive industry. Highly preferred by almost all consumers for their quality, durability and other essential features. So it’s very tough to suggest just one brand. However, in the above Sunex vs Gearwrench, we have discussed everything in detail for easy understanding.

If you want to know our opinion, then we will say, Gearwrench brand is very notable, especially for their wrenches, as well as the main focus of their company is on the wrench, so no matter what type of wrenches you are looking for your work, you can buy from Gearwrench. You will find every tool in this brand, so we will say Gearwrench is a perfect selection considering the overall.

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