Impact wrench vs Ratchet –  Picked The Suitable One In 2023 (Updated)

Nowadays, Impact wrench and Ratchet have widely used power applications instead of hand tools because both are very much accurate to loosen and tighten nuts with their full power functionality.

Except for these similarities, there are multiple dissimilarities such as the functionality, accessibility, and design that Devine them from each other and force us to think about what or which we should choose and make things complicated.

To give you a clear vision and idea about the Impact wrench vs Ratchet, I used both these two and got very useful details that I will describe here. So, let’s get the point-to-point comparison of the Impact wrench vs Ratchet tool.

Comparison Table

Comparison factorImpact wrenchRatchet
Handling DifficultEasy
SocketsUse impact socketRegular sockets can be used
UsesFor large, very tight nuts and bolts.For light duty.

Impact Wrench vs Ratchet

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench vs Ratchet
Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is a very powerful and mostly used wrench for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Because of its high torque, power is very useful for tightening and loosening large, rust, stubborn nuts and bolts.


  • High rotational torque.
  • Very versatile and accurate.
  • Very useful for tightening and loosening.
  • Easy to loosen and tight large, tight, rust, and stubborn bolts.
  • Have several different torque settings.
  • Impact socket holds nuts and bolts very tightly.


  • It is not easy to handle or grip.
  • It is heavy and tough to hold for a long time.
  • You can’t easily access any tight place.
  • Noise is high.

Ratchet Wrench

Impact Wrench vs Ratchet
Ratcheting Wrench

Ratchet is a lightweight, user-friendly wrench. It is very useful for light duty. It can be used for tightening and loosening small nuts and bolts. It is more friendly because of its accessibility. Ratchet can easily access any tight place because of its slim body.

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  • Very lightweight.
  • Can easily access any tight place.
  • Easy and comfortable gripping.
  • Can behold for a long time and fewer user fatigues.
  • Create less noise.


  • Lower torque.
  • Only for light duty.
  • Use a regular socket that does not hold nuts or bolts very tightly.

Comparison Between Impact Wrench Vs Ratchet

To know better which one is good, we have to compare some factors of Impact wrench and Ratchet. Like how powerful they are, their uses, their accessibility, or how user-friendly they are.

Impact wrench and Ratchet are similar in their application, but they have a huge difference in their uses. Let’s compare Impact wrench vs Ratchet.


The main thing that distinguishes impact wrench and Ratchet is their torque power.

An impact wrench is a powerful tool. It delivers high rotational torque for tightening and loosening fasteners. Thus, it is used for heavy work. Impact wrench rotates the blade at 1500-2500 rpm.

On the other hand, a ratchet is not as powerful a tool as an Impact wrench. It cannot deliver high rotational torque as an impact wrench. Thus, it is used for only light duty. Most of the Ratchet comes with a near 200-500 rpm motor. It also comes with a high-speed motor like 2000 rpm or above.


An impact wrench is not slim and long as Ratchet; thus, it can’t be used in most places. You can hardly reach a tight place with this tool. This application is only good for the open place. Even this is not a very lightweight tool. So, you can’t work with that for a long time.

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On the other hand, ratchets are very lightweight, compact, and small tools. You can easily access any tight place with this tool. This tool can be used anywhere you need. Also, Ratchet’s lightweight and compact design can be used for a long time with less user fatigue.

Though the impact wrench is powerful, but considering the accessibility, ratchet is more user-friendly.

Versatility and Usage

Both impact wrench and Ratchet are versatile in their own way.

Impact wrench’s versatility comes from their power. It can create high rotational torque, tightening and loosening, rusting, and stubborn fasteners.

Impact Wrench is mostly used for trucks and cars. In large machinery, there used large diameter nuts and bolts where you can use an impact wrench for tightening and loosening those fasteners.

A ratchet is also a versatile tool; it also has a lot of usages. Though this is not a powerful tool, it is versatile because of its accessibility and compactness.

Ratchet is very lightweight and compact; thus, it can easily access any tight place. Inside the machinery, there are a lot of places that are hard to reach. But Ratchet can easily reach those places. Ratchets are very useful for removing small nuts and bolts.


The powerful motor is used in the impact wrench; thus, its motor creates high noise. In some cases, I recommend you to have ear protection.

On the other hand, Ratchet has an advantage for coming with a low-power motor. Because of its low-power motor, it creates less noise. A user won’t face any hair problems from a long time of use.

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Impact wrench only uses impact sockets. Impact sockets can take higher torque without breaking. Regular sockets can’t handle that higher torque. Impact sockets are a little bit pricey, which will cost you more.

On the other hand, ratchets can use any regular socket.


Impact wrenches are for heavy work; thus, it is costly. Ratchets are for light-duty. Also, it is a lightweight tool; thus, it is less costly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Can I use a regular socket on an impact wrench?

Ans: impact wrench creates high rotational torque, which a regular socket can’t handle. You can’t use a regular socket on impact wrench socket will break. So, use only an impact socket on an impact wrench.

Do I need a ratchet if I have an impact wrench?

Ans: Impact wrench is a more powerful tool than a ratchet. But that does not mean it will work for all situations. You will need a ratchet over impact wrench in some circumstances (like in a tight place).

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Both impact wrench and Ratchet have the same usable power application. But if you plan to have one tool instead of another, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

What you need basically depends on your work purpose. So first, fix your job purpose and read the article carefully. Then it will be easier to find which one is for you. I hope you get all my points. Thank you.

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