How to Store a Torque Wrench with Complete Guide

A torque wrench is a popular regular tool for many kinds of work, including industrial, automotive, and commercial garages. However, you have to be very careful in using it. It is also essential to store it carefully after using it.

A torque wrench is a very sensitive tool, which is why you have to keep a lot of things in mind while using it and carefully storing it. So in this article, we have shared how to store a torque wrench and share some essential things that you should need to know about torque wrench to use it carefully. Let’s see.

How to Store a Torque Wrench

Above, we have shared many tips and tricks, which will help you maintain your torque wrench properly and use the wrench very carefully. After using your torque wrench, follow the information below to store it carefully.

Step #1: Before storing the torque wrench, it must be cleaned thoroughly with a soft cloth. Then wrap the torque wrench with any leather or soft cloth and store it in the box.

Step #2: All torque wrench instruments must be stored in the original case with the torque wrench.

Step #3: Avoid storing torque wrench in excess temperature or extra-low temperature.

Step #4: Before storing, you must reset the torque wrench properly.

Step #5: A torque wrench is a regular purpose usable tool, so refrain from leaving it unused for several weeks straight.

Things You Should Know About Torque Wrenches

Below are some essential things we need to know when using a torque wrench. By doing this, on the one hand, you can use the torque wrench for a long time; on the other hand, you will get answers to many frequently asked questions.

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Properly Maintain the Torque Wrench.

A torque wrench is a very sensitive tool, so it is essential to maintain it properly. Be sure to wipe it well, especially after using it. Currently, all torque wrench manufacturers provide a hard case with their torque wrench so that you can store it for assured without any kind of damage.

So after using it, always wipe it well, wrap it in leather and leave it in the case.

Use Tightening Purpose Only

There are many who ask, “can I use a torque wrench to loosen bolts?” Let me tell you, the torque wrench has been designed for tightening purposes only. So do not use anything for loosening or other purposes except tightening purposes, including nuts, bolts, screws. It causes torque wrench damage.

And torque wrench is an expensive tool, and I think you will never want to change the torque wrench regularly.

Handle It Carefully

Because the torque wrench is a very sensitive tool, it has to be handled carefully. Also, try to protect it from potential shock. Finally, when you have finished using it in your workspace, try to keep it well in the storage box, not in different places.

Use Only One Hand

Although there are different ways to use different torque wrenches, most of the torque wrenches have to be used with one hand, and they are marked with one hand so that you can easily understand. There is also a mark on where you will apply the pressure, and apply the pressure with one hand accordingly.

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Reset it While Storing

After using the torque wrench, many people leave it without resetting, so the pressure remains in the setting of the torque wrench. So reset it before storing the torque wrench, and make sure you reset and set the lowest value. It helps to release the pressure of the torque wrench.

Avoid Over Tightening

Many people think that a torque wrench can prevent over-tightening; this is actually a wrong intention. The torque wrench is designed to avoid the risk of over-tightening. When your fixings required torque measurements are over, it makes click types sound so you can understand and stop over-tightening

To get the best torque result, first, before tightening, loosening the nuts and bolts with the help of other tools and then tightening completely with the help of a torque wrench.

How to Maintain Torque Wrench

How to Maintain Torque Wrench
How to Maintain Torque Wrench

When using a torque wrench, you must check some things regularly so that your torque wrench will always be safe. And even after long-term use, no problems will arise easily.

  • Always clean the dirt in the nuts and bolts before torque the nuts bolts with the torque wrench. There will be no chance of damage to the torque wrench.
  • After using the torque wrench, you must reset it before storing it and set the value to zero. It will help your torque wrench calibration correctly over time.
  • Recalibrate your wrench at least once a year. Calibration will cost approximately from $20 to $70.

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Final Verdict

After using the torque wrench, many people are very indifferent in the field of storing it properly. It is a bad habit. To get long-lasting benefits from your torque wrench, it must be used properly. So in this article, we have discussed in detail how to store a torque wrench, also how you can maintain a torque wrench. Hopefully, this has helped you a lot in understanding easily.

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