How To Fix a Garbage Disposal Without An Allen Wrench? Let’s Find Out

Garbage disposal runs with a motor and cuts food waste into tiny pieces with its spinning disc or impeller plate. Sometimes for overload while cutting, food gets stuck on the cutting chamber and jammed the whole unit, and sometimes it creates humming or buzzing sounds.

To fix this problem, Allen wrench is a better option, but if you don’t have this at home or don’t want to use it, there are multiple options or methods you can use to fix it, such as the disposal wrench and pliers are the great alternative of Allen wrench. So, let’s know the methods of how to fix a garbage disposal without an Allen wrench.

Safety First!

Though garbage disposal is a helpful machine, it can do huge damage while using or fixing it. So, pay attention to the safety points.

  • While fixing the garbage disposal, turn off the main switch of the machine or plug out the power cable so that the machine gets power-less.
  • Try to use gloves so that while fixing the inside damage of the garbage disposal, you won’t cut your finger with those sharp blades.

How To Fix a Garbage Disposal Without An Allen Wrench – The Best Solutions! 

How To Fix a Garbage Disposal Without An Allen Wrench

If you face problems with the garbage disposal. Two things can happen there. Food can jam the whole system, or the motor loses its strength. To fix these problems, you can try these methods. Try all the methods one by one and see which one works for you.

Note: Before trying any methods, turn off the switch and plug out the power cable.

Method 1 – Reset 

The easiest way to fix any machine is to reset the whole system. To do that first plug out the power cable. Then press the reset button for a minimum of 5 seconds which is located at the bottom.

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After pressing the button, turn on the water supply to flow to the drain and clean the mess through the pipe. Flow water for a minimum of 1 or 2 minutes, then plug the cable and run the machine.

Method 2 – Use Broom Handle, Disposal Wrench and Pliers

If the first method does not work. The problem may be for the blockage; you can use one of these methods to remove the blockage. 

For all these methods, you need a flashlight.

Broom handle or Dowel stick 

First, take a flashlight. Light it on the garbage disposal hole, and if you see any sticking things or find the problem take the broom handle or a dowel stick, put it inside the garbage disposal, and move it back and forth to remove the jam.

Disposal Wrench 

It is like a stick, but it’s like a pivoting piece at the bottom. Take the Disposal wrench and put the pivoting side upside down to the garbage disposal. Then with the pivoting side, move it right to left or left to right to free the motor.

[Note: This technique is better than the Allen wrench. The handle on the top helps to apply more pressure while rotating the blade back and forth.]

Pliers or Tong

These are specifically made for removing or getting out trash from tiny holes. It almost works the same as the disposal wrench. Use the flashlight to find out the problem or get the jam. Then use one of them to pull out the mess and rotate the blade back and forth firmly so that the blade gets free.

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Method 3 – Replace 


If earlier methods do not work or you don’t get a better result. Then replacing the garbage disposal would be a wise thing to do. In the market, you will get lots of varieties of garbage disposal, and they will provide you with better performance or functions than your older one.

Maintain Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal stops working properly and causing problems regularly. It might be the reason you don’t maintain your property and your garbage disposal properly.

  • Firstly, whenever you use a garbage disposal, try to use cold water and avoid hot water. It helps not to stick food in the blade or the interior. 
  • After or before use, you can use ice pieces. Use ice pieces in the garbage disposal and run the unit to clean.
  • To maintain perfection, use natural ingredients such as lemons, limes, oranges and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals; it can damage the unit.
  • Clean the drain every one or two weeks, so the trash doesn’t keep there. 
  • Don’t put lots of food at a time; put food gradually, and it might handle the load. 


Where is the garbage disposal key?

Ans: The garbage disposal key is located at the center bottom of all garbage disposal machines. It seems like a hole and mostly comes in a universal 1/4 size. You will use the wrench with the garbage disposal unit, so check if the wrench is there while buying.

Why is my garbage disposal making a loud noise?

Ans: If you heard loud sounds such as humming or whirring sounds, it might be because some objects got jammed in the unit. You have to stop the unit as soon as possible and, using a flashlight, find out what is stuck inside it and clean it to run smoothly.

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How Do You Clean a Garbage Disposal With Baking Soda?

Ans: It’s the easiest way to clean a garbage disposal. To do that, take half a cup of baking soda and put it into the disposal with the baking soda; put one or one and a half cups of white vinegar. After a while, you will see it is bubbling and after 10 or 15 minutes, turn on the water supply and dispose of it. It will clean the unit perfectly.


Garbage disposal is one of the most used electric machines in the kitchen. As it is the most used and electric machine it can be damaged any time, even if you take great care of it. 

Fixing a garbage disposal without an Allen wrench is not tough to work. There are multiple ways to fix it, whatever the problem happens in the disposal. I hope you read all the methods and get help from one of those. 

Also, before trying any of those methods, maintain the safety rules and to avoid further damage; maintain the unit carefully. Thank you.

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