Hog Ring vs Detent Pin: When to Use Each?

An impact wrench is a vital tool that is primarily used in various tasks; They are slowly raising new technology and equipment to make the user experience much easier. However, despite they so much maximizing the usability, most of the time, impact wrench’s mixed sockets, holders, and impact drivers are confusing many users.

One of them is the difference between hog ring and detent pin. Though both are completely different from each other, and both anvils are the most useful driver and socket holders, but most people are confused about them. That’s why we have made this hog ring vs detent pin impact wrench guide where we have tried to discuss the difference between part by part thoroughly.

Hog Ring vs Detent Pin Comparison

Hog Ring Impact Wrench Overview

hog ring vs detent pin
Hog Ring

The hog ring pin (also known as a friction ring) is precisely round in shape, making it easy to open and close. Its name originally came from its ‘C’ shaped round metal pin. The pin’s point is slightly wider than inside the socket and drive, so when a socket is pushed on top of the hog ring, it shrinks slightly and expands inside the socket.

One of the most useful advantages of the hog ring is that you can easily set and release any sockets with just a little bit of pressure. So if you always work with different sizes of sockets, bolts, then a hog ring is a great option, which saves your time and effort.

Detent Pin Impact Wrench Overview

hog ring vs detent pin
Detent Pin

The detent anvil is basically controlled by a loaded ball bearing, which secures the socket, bolts, drive from accidentally taking off, as well as it has a much lower amount of friction than the hog ring. Also, when you want to lock impact sockets, you have to put in a lot of effort, and when you want to separate the socket from the anvil, a piece of additional equipment is required.

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Though its locking and unlocking system is a bit difficult, but its durability will satisfy you. You can use it for a few days without any continuous socket change. Basically, it is an outstanding option for any job where you don’t have to replace the bolts repeatedly.

Hog Ring vs Detent Pin: Key Differences

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Detent Pin vs Hog Ring: Detailed Comparison Guide

In this section, we will discuss the differences between both detent pin and hog ring in detail. Let’s see.


First, if we compare the durability of both anvils, then we can see that the detent pin is more durable than the hog ring. Though both anvils are built with higher sturdy materials, but the detent pin is still able to keep up with its performance.


According to consumers, the stability of the hog ring is much more elevated, especially if it can be combined in a remarkable way against the balance of the sockets. On the other hand, in the stability race, the detent pin impact wrench is one inch behind than hog ring.


Many users need to use different sizes of sockets in the project, as well as have to change repeatedly; a hog ring is an excellent option for them to easily switchability. Because it has been designed with easy to release features so that you can quickly put any sockets with a bit of pressure, again if you pull it lightly, it will be easily removed from the anvil.

On the other hand, the detent pin anvil is entirely different; you have to work hard to efficiently set any impact sockets, drive with a detent pin. First, you need to have a separate pin; then, with that pin, you have to insert any drive-by lightly pressing the retaining pin in the detent pin anvil. When you want to release a drive or socket, you have to push the retaining pin in the same way. This means that in the case of any bit switching, the detent pin is a bit hassle compared to the hog ring anvil.

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Maintenance of both hog ring impact wrench and detent pin impact wrench is petty simple, and you can easily use both and maintain them easily without any hassle. So in this aspect, both are similar.


Undoubtedly the detent pin is much safer than the hog ring. There are many reasons for this; the hog ring is designed to change any drive frequently. Hence, its release system is very simple, so when you do heavy-duty work, there is a chance that when the impact wrench is running, the drive will be accidentally released, which comparative is very risky.

On the other hand, the release point of the detent pin is very strong, so there is no chance of accidentally removing any socket while working in the impact wrench. Though inserting and releasing the socket is a bit of a hassle, but it is safe.

Hog Ring or Detent Pin: Which One You Can Choose?

First, you need to understand which anvil is used in which field of work, and then you can simply understand which is going to be the best option for your work.

We often have to work on many projects, where we have to place a variety of sizes and types of sockets repeatedly with an impact wrench, so hog ring anvil is an excellent option for easily switching different types of drive.

On the other hand, if your project does not have the hassles of repeated socket changing, as well as you, pay special attention to safety, then a detent pin impact wrench is the ideal option for you.

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Final Decision

As you may know that both anvils are similar, there is no difference in hog ring vs detent pin usability. But for easy changing, we prefer you to pick a hog ring. Otherwise, you definitely choose detent pin.

However, both anvils are absolutely necessary. You understand the difference between them. You can use them for different purposes, but I think it is very reasonable to keep both anvils in your toolbox so that it is easy to use when you needed.

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