6 Best Universal Wrench Review- Tested Then Reviewed

Wrenches are an extreme need in day-to-day life. From your car repair to big factory industries, all need wrenches frequently. Universal wrenches make things easier as they fit all kinds of nuts and bolts. 

There are a lot of companies out there, and they have a lot of different models of the universal wrench. One with no experience might get confused about which one to use and avoid. Also, cheap Chinese products mean a waste of money. 

In This article, I’m reviewing 6 of the most useful & best universal wrenches that I think are up to the mark from my personal test result. So, let’s jump into the best universal wrench review section. 

Editor’s Pick- Best Universal Wrench

6 Best Universal Wrench – Pick Your Suitable One!

1. DURATECH Universal Wrench Set

DURATECH Universal Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench Set, SAE & Metric, 8-inch&10-inch, 44 sizes in 2 Piece, Drop Forged, ANSI standard

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This Duratech universal wrench set comes with 2 wrenches. The wrenches are made with very high-quality material. They are strong and durable. They fit most of the nut sizes, so you do not have to carry a large number of wrenches and save space. 

The wrench also works with 6, 8, 12-point nuts and can handle triangular nuts. The main charm of this wrench is its working efficiency. It can work with 44 different sizes of nuts. And I think it’s a complete & best universal wrench set for all kinds of work.



The wrench is made from carbon steel. It is forged and polished very finely. It is also electroplated. That all over means durability and long-lasting—the chances of breaking while working is null. The chances of rust and corrosion are out. 


The 2 wrenches fit 44 different size standard nuts and bolts. The 8-inch wrench fits 0.1875 to 0.625 inches nuts. Moreover, the 10-inch wrench fits 0.6875 to 1.6875 inches nuts and bolts. 

This wrench’s functioning mechanism is quite reliable. It holds the nuts very firmly. There is no slipping. It also saves your space. It is also easy to carry around. 

Double Fit and Opening

The wrenches have a double V fit. That means extra grip on hexagonal nuts. It also means uniform force distribution. The nuts and screws wouldn’t be hampered using these wrenches. 

The wrenches also have 2 ways of opening. It makes them very much efficient. 


  • Made with carbon steel. 
  • Forged, heat-treated and polished. 
  • Ensures maximum durability and toughness. 
  • Fits most of the nuts and bolts. 
  • Torque reaches 1.2 times the standard. 
  • Fits most shapes of nuts and bolts.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Not good for heavy-duty work. 

2. iPstyle Universal Wrench

iPstyle Universal Wrench 48 in 1 Socket Wrench Multifunction Wrench Tool with 360 Degree Rotating Head, Spanner Tool for Home and Car Repair

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This wrench has a rotating head that rotates 360 degrees. It fits 48 sizes of nuts and bolts and saves your space. The stainless steel gives you the strong spine that is needed for high torque. 

The wrench also comes with a comfortable grip. The handle has an ergonomic design that allows you to grip properly and cancel all the chances of slipping. 



The iPstyle wrench is made from high-quality stainless steel. This feature makes the wrench both strong and durable. The steel is well polished, so dust and water do not stick into it. But it is not that rust-proof. It must be well cleaned after every use. 


The wrench fits 48 sizes of standard nuts and bolts. It means the wrench fits all the standard bolts in metric and standard. The unique tooth design allows a tight grip around the nuts. 

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The heads also fit different shapes of nuts and bolts. 6, 12, 8-point bolts, triangular, square, star-shaped all bolts fit in the tooth of this wrench. The design allows working with damaged bolts also. 

Working Angle

The head of this wrench rotates 360 degrees, which allows you to tighten or loosen bolts with your wanted optimal angle. Also, because of this feature, you can work in tight spaces. 

Ergonomic Handle

The wrench has an anti-skidding handle. The handle has a perfect size that allows your hand to stay tightly on the wrench. It prevents slipping and makes your work more efficient. 


  • Made from stainless steel. 
  • Fits 48 sizes of nuts and bolts. 
  • Unique tooth design fits all shapes of bolts. 
  • Offers desired working angle. 
  • Can work in tight spaces. 
  • Anti-slipping, non-skidding ergonomic handle. 
  • Easy to carry and space-saving. 


  • Not good for heavy-duty use. 
  • For long-term usage, it must be cleaned after each use.

3. Powerbuilt Wrench Set

Powerbuilt 2 Piece Spring-Loaded Crowfoot Wrench Set, Adjustable, Auto Size, Universal, Self-Adjusting, Power Grip , Rapid Wrench- 240274

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The main advantage of this wrench is that it auto-adjusts to any nuts and bolts. Unlike other wrenches where you need to adjust manually according to the bolt size, this wrench saves your time. 

The wrench fits all sizes of bolts and nuts, both in standard and metric size. The jaw rackets back, saving your labor and time. Also, both male and female sockets expand their usability. 



The wrench is made from chrome vanadium steel. This alloy gives high strength toughness and prevents hydrogen cracking of steel. It is very much resistant to corrosion, rust, and fatigue. This wrench will allow you to use it for a lifetime. 


The wrench fits all the standard and metric bolts. This capability makes it very space-saving and efficient. You do not have to carry a big toolbox with fixed-size wrenches. The 0.375-inch drive fits 0.3125-to-0.6875-inch bolts and the 0.5-inch drive fits 0.5625-to-2.75-inch bolts. 

Auto Adjustment

The wrench also auto-adjusts to different bolts. You don’t have to adjust the jaw size manually according to the nut size—the spring-loaded jaw auto-adjusts. 

The unique tooth design holds the nut very strongly and applies uniform force. The jaws racket back and remove the need to remove the wrench and replace when tightening or losing a bolt. 


  • Made from chrome vanadium steel. 
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • Fits all standard and metric bolts.
  • Has both male and female sockets. 
  • Useable with a breaker bar, ratchet, and bar extension. 
  • Unique spring-loaded tooth design. 
  • Space-saving. 


  • A bit heavy. 

4. LICHAMP Universal Wrench

Lichamp Universal Wrench EDC Pocket Wrench Multi 23 Sizes from 1/4 to 3/4 inch and 7mm to 19mm

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This universal wrench is heavy-duty and strong. It gives you additional strength for heavy-duty use. It fits 23 different sizes of bolts. The torque generated with this wrench is great. 

This one grip universal wrench is also made from alloy steel. This makes it very durable and strong. It is built to last long. 



The wrench is made from chrome vanadium steel. The steel is forged and polished. This makes it very strong. There is no chance of breaking. On the other hand, rust and corrosion will not touch this wrench. 

Adjustable Size

This one wrench is double-sided. These 2 heads fit 23 different sizes of bolts. The middle screw is adjusted according to the nut size. The nuts are gripped tightly, and there is no chance of slipping. 

Heavy-Duty Use

The wrench is made with very strong material. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty use. It is perfect to use in factories for assembly. Moreover, it can easily replace your toolbox of wrenches because of its size. 


  • Made with chrome vanadium steel. 
  • Fits 23 sizes of bolts and nuts. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Corrosion and rust proof. 
  • Adjustable head and size. 
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work. 
  • Space-saving. 


  • A little bit bulky. 

5. LRVEZSY Universal wrenches Set

LRVEZSY 23-IN-1 Universal wrenches Set, minican magic SAE & Metric ANSI standard lare adjustable socket duratech tools big pocket smallspanner self adjusting joker bionic wrench 7mm to 19mm

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LRVEZSY wrench set is quite similar to the LICHAMP wrench set. The wrench is made from carbon steel, and it’s highly polished. The adjustable screw allows fitting different size bolts. 

The wrench is made strong. It is quite useful to use for heavy-duty work. Car repair, plumbing, factory use, and household use everything can be done with this awesome wrench set. 



Because of solid carbon steel material, it is strong enough to handle all kinds of stuff. So, it will not break and offer a lifetime use. The shiny mirror finish will not attract dust. The carbon steel will prevent rust from building up. 


The wrench can be used to work with 23 different size nuts and bolts. This feature makes it very much efficient and space-saving. You don’t have to carry a toolbox with fixed-size wrenches. 

The wrench gives equal force through 2 sides. This removes the chance of damaging the bolt. Also, it can give 1.2 times more torque than the standard and 1.4 times the more braking torque. 

Size and Handle Design

The wrench is 7.7 inches long. It is small in comparison but works just fine. The weight of this wrench is also only 300 grams. Carry it is effortless, and the work output is excellent. 

The handle in this wrench is a little bit thick. It fits in hand nicely. Also, the 2-rubber grip makes it non-slippery. 


  • Made from carbon steel. 
  • Fits 23 different size bolts. 
  • Rust-resistant and corrosion-free. 
  • Small size and space-saving. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Generates 1.2 times more torque than the standard. 
  • Fits in the hand just right. 


  • Not good for using in tight spaces. 

6. GOSWIFT Universal Wrench Set

GOSWIFT 2PC Universal Wrench Set, 8-inch&10-inch, Metric & SAE, High Carbon Steel, Adjustable Wrench for Multiple Sizes Nuts, 5-11mm&11-16mm, 5-15mm&15-27mm

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GOSWIFT wrench set is just like DURATECH wrench set. This set comes with 2 pieces of wrenches. This allows you to fit most of the standard and metric nuts. The material is durable. The size of the wrenches is perfect. 

The screw fits of the wrench, slide the slider and it fits the nut firmly. It has 4 contact points, so the grip is strong. Also, the wrench delivers uniform force on the nuts and bolts. 



The wrench is made from carbon steel. The steel is forged and electroplated. Forged steel is very hard and durable. If used properly, the wrench will last for a long time. 

The electroplating makes the wrench more rust-resistant. Rust shortens the life of a metal tool and makes it fragile. In this wrench, the chance is out of the question. 

Fitting Range

The range fits almost every nut in standard and metric. It can fit almost 48 sizes of nuts. Different shapes of nuts are not a problem. Also, it can give more torque than the standard wrenches. All over, this tool makes your life much easy and saves you the spaces needed for your wrench toolbox. 

Size and Handle

The range is perfect in size. They are not so big and bulky but moderate. They produce the right amount of torque needed. Very easy to carry and fits everywhere. 

The handle is not slippery. Though there is no rubber or plastic grip, it does not easily slip from the hand. Holding this gives you comfort. 


  • Made from carbon steel. 
  • Electroplated and polished. 
  • Fits all the nuts in the standard and metric system. 
  • Fits different shapes of nuts. 
  • Long-lasting and durable. 
  • Gives a perfect grip. 
  • Easy to use and space-saving. 


  • A bit heavy. 

Best Universal Wrench Buying Guide – Don’t Be Confused, Read It!

Best Universal Wrench

There are a few things to look out for before purchasing anything. In this section, we will try to discuss which features to look for before buying a universal wrench. 


It is the most important thing in a wrench. As the work of a wrench is to deliver power and torque, the wrench must be strong and durable. Because you won’t want to buy a wrench that won’t last more than a few uses. 

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Generally, stainless steel, chrome vanadium steel, and different steel grades are good for wrenches. They are strong and rust-resistant. 

The Head or Driver

A wrench is called universal when it fits most of the nuts and bolts. The head is a very important and main part of the wrench. It must be strong and deliver equal force from all sides. The more contact points with a bolt, the better it is. 

There are several designs on the market. The hexagonal is mostly common. The tooth system and the jaw system wrenches are also good. 

Slider Screw

The adjustment screw must be easy to rotate. Also, when the slider contacts the nut, it must grip uniformly. Generally, 4 contact points is great to tighten and loosen a nut. It does not hamper the bolts. 

The jaw system drivers are great as there is no need for adjusting. It auto-adjusts itself according to the nut size. Also, the back racket helps to use the nut fast. 

Working Angle

Most of the wrenches have a parallel working angle. This is fine. But in tight spaces, we need some angle between the head and the wrench body. Some wrenches offer this kind of feature, which is very much useful. 

Learning Curve and Weight

If using the wrench requires skill and time, that is not efficient. A universal wrench must be easy to use. It must be effortless and time-saving. 

Lastly, weight is also an issue. A wrench must be lightweight but durable and can generate the required torque. 

These are the main things to look at when purchasing a universal wrench. But the cost and carrying capacity is also a very important factor. So in case of budget issues, check the price before you buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is The Best Universal Socket Wrench?

Ans: There is a wide variety of universal socket wrenches in the market. It’s difficult to say which one is the finest because of budget, comfortability and using purposes. In this article, I have listed 6 one of the best in the market. You can check them. Also, the buying guide section can guide you to choose a fine wrench. 

2. What Is a Universal Ratchet Wrench?

Ans: Ratchet is a mechanical device that allows motion in only one direction. In wrenches, you can see some have tooth drivers. They only spin freely in one direction. In the other direction, they stuck and tightened the nut. The advantage of this type is that you do not have to remove and replace the wrench, which saves time. 

3. How Does a Universal Wrench Work?

Ans: A universal wrench fits different sizes of bolts and nuts. Some wrenches have sliders that slide forward and backward to fit; some have jaws or tooths. Despite the mechanism, the main purpose of a universal wrench is to fit all sizes of nuts and bolts. 


The wrenches mentioned in this article are one of the best, in my opinion. They are flexible, durable, easy to use, and comfortable. I have used many wrenches, but very few of them were up to the mark.

If you try them, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Also, the buying guide will help you to compare a good wrench with a bad one. I hope you found this article useful. Thank you. 

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