6 Best Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter – The Smarter Choice for Oil Filter

Most vehicle owners change their oil filter oil from the garage, on the one hand, which is very costly and, on the other, needs a little bit of time and labour. Due to which many owners change their own vehicle’s stuck filter oil to save time and money.

But the problem arises when they are going to remove the oil filter properly. Having an oil filter during constant heat and cold temperatures makes it much tighter, also making it much harder to remove easily with the help of simple tools and hands.

In this case, the best oil filter wrench for small filters is the solution to your problem, which will help you to do your job easily without any risk. In this article, we have created the top 6 best oil filter wrench for stuck filter review by fully analyzing the markets and consumers feedback.

This guide and review will help you find the best wrench to remove or tighten the stuck filter for your vehicle. So without spending time, let’s get started.

Editor’s Pick- Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter

Best Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter Review

1. TEKTON 5866 Oil Filter Pliers

Introducing the TEKTON 5866 oil filter pliers, which is the most popular oil filter wrench for the stuck filter. It is designed with large teeth with a quick-adjust slip joint, which helps you quickly fix and remove the oil-covered stuck filter without hassles.


One of the best advantages of this is that it has a long reach handle with a soft non-slip grip, which helps you easily hold the handle tightly, adjust it to the slippery filter, and handle it without any trouble.

Fits Oil Filters

It is easily adjusted with maximum common diameter oil filters; It can fit perfectly with a 2-1 /2 inches to 4-1/2 inches oil filter.

Overall Impression

TEKTON oil filter wrench’s three-position slip join quick adjustment design, secure grip, and long reach has made it more perfect and more accessible to remove the filter in the field of oil changing. I think it will not disappoint you.


  • 3 Position slip join design.
  • Non-slip soft, and comfortable grips
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Right angle teeth grip


  • If you’re a completely beginner, then chances to break the oil filter

2. Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter

No doubt Motivx is an excellent versatile oil filter wrench. It is suitable for use with most vehicles. One of the best aspects of this is that it can easily remove overtightened oil filters without any damage and breaking risk.


It is made of durable aluminium, which gives it a very sturdy result. Besides, there are no chances of breaking it like regular wrenches. Also, the process of using it is very simple.

Variety Usability

One of the great advantages of Motivx is that it fits with the oil filter of multiple vehicle models; it’s a 64mm oil filter wrench, which is compatible with Lexus, Toyota, Scion and many other vehicle models. But you have to keep one thing in mind, and it is not suitable for traditional canister filters.

Fits Oil Filter

It fits perfectly with the oil filter systems of maximum Toyota and Lexus vehicles. However, if you want, you can use 4runner, FJ cruiser, Camry, Avalon and other vehicles in the stuck filter. Overall, in my opinion, this is the best 64mm oil filter wrench for your stuck filter.


  • It won’t slip, easily install and a fit
  • Built with high-quality aluminum
  • Great for cartridge style oil filter system
  • It can easily release from the cap without getting stuck.


  • It does not work on traditional canister filters 

3. WORKPRO Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers

WORKPRO is the most popular brand in the automotive industry. Especially its oil filter pliers are another most popular pick which is adjustable with engine oil filter, fittings, conduit of any vehicle model. Also, its several advantages have attracted a lot of us.

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Workpro is always ahead of other regular brands in terms of durability. Thanks to the workpro, it is excellent for heavy-duty work; they made it with high carbon steel. On the one hand, it is rustproof, higher resistant, and extremely strong and reliable.


One of the best things I like about its soft and more extended handlebar, which helps keep the filter properly. It also has non-slip grips and extra support to adjust the slippery and tight spaces engine filters properly. I think it is the best oil filter wrench for tight spaces.

Fits Oil Filter

It is most perfectly adjusted of 2-3/4 to 4-1/2 inches diameter oil filters. However, one of the great aspects of it is that it can be used effortlessly in maximum small cars and engine filters.


  • Built with high carbon steel 
  • Great for common size small engine filters
  • It is also great for work in tight spots
  • Its soft and non slip grips offer extra reach


  • Not great for use tightening purpose 

4. LCGP Black Oil Filter Wrench Tool

Are you looking for the best universal oil filter wrench for your stuck filter? Then no doubt LCGP oil filter wrench may be an excellent pick for you. The best part is that it has some more benefits than a regular wrench, including various oil filter use features.


The LCGP oil filter wrench is designed with high quality solid and sturdy materials. Due to which it has the best performance even when working in extremely tight spaces. The 45# Carbon steel has been used in both lower and upper thickening plates, which is never likely to rust.

Universal Usability

It has many advantages, its three jaws design, which makes it much easier to use. You can also easily tighten or remove the oil filter by using a square drive ratchet of any size of 1/2, 3/8 and 7/8 inches.

Fits Oil Filter

You can use the LCGP oil filter wrench in a 2-1/2 inch to 4.5-inch oil filter to easily adjust or remove. It can also be adjusted with the oil filter of the maximum vehicle’s model.


  • Built with high 45# carbon steel 
  • Fits with maximum vehicle’s oil filter
  • Its three jaws make your work easier
  • It can be used with a ratchet featuring a diameter of 1/2, 3/8 and 7/8 inches.


  • We didn’t find any critical issue

5. Lisle Standard Oil Filter Swivel Wrench

The Lisle oil filter wrench has been designed traditionally so that you can get superior gripping power. Also, thanks to Lisle, because they have given more importance to its excellent support in tight spots design and easily removing the stuck filter features.


It was originally made entirely of materials with stainless steel, which provided it with the next level of durability. As well as the oil surface gripping perfectly to get the texture that has been used in it is strong, you can be secure with its long-lasting performance.


Its swivel handle is one of the most interesting aspects, which gives it a lot of support and helps it to rotate 180 degrees easily, even in tight spots. The adjusting nuts play a very helpful role in applying pressure. Overall oil and slippy place You can have a lot of peace of mind with perfect gripping.

Fits Oil Filter

It can fit in almost all standard filters effortlessly. It ranges from 88.9 mm to 98.4 mm. However, you can easily adjust the popular 3.625 inches standard size filter and use it with easy gripping power.


  • Its textured coating gives excellent gripping.
  • Built with strong stainless steel and highly resistant materials
  • Its swivel handle helps to rotate 180 degrees easily
  • It fits with 3.625 size filters
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  • Maximum consumer faces its size issue; so, you need to see if it is perfect for your oil filter or not.

6. Moker Universal Oil Filter Wrench

If you are looking for a heavy-duty oil filter wrench in the budget that can be used in almost any car, motorcycle, truck, then a Moker oil filter wrench is an excellent pick for you. However, from its durability to ease to use, all the features will impress us a lot.


The Moker oil filter wrench is made with the most sturdy heat threatened 45# carbon steel materials, which are more durable and last longer than any regular tool, such as rust and corrosion resistance; it gives a shiny look.


Maximum 3 jaw oil filters do not include any type of ratchet or storage box, but Moker has also provided a durable 3/8 inches drive ratchet in budget with their oil filter wrench. With its help, you can easily adjust the oil filter to remove and use it for other purposes.

Fits Oil Filter

Moker has developed their wrench as a universal oil filter wrench, which makes it suitable for adjusting and using any type of vehicle oil filter. It is especially perfect for 54mm to 115mm oil filters, but you can also use it as a 2.5inch oil filter wrench if you want.


  • Budgets friendly price
  • Its adjustable three-jaw make the work much easier
  • Made of heat-treated 45# carbon steel
  • You’ll get an adjustable three-jaw oil filter wrench, 3/8″ ratchet with a strong storage case.


  • Didn’t find any critical issues

Things to Know Before Buying Best Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter

Best Oil Filter Wrench for Stuck Filter

Choosing the excellent oil filter wrench is not rocket science; if you want to consider some important things, you can easily find the best wrench for your vehicle’s oil filter. Below we are sharing some essential things that you must try to keep in mind before buying.


When buying any automotive tool, the essential thing that you first know is its durability, which must be considered in the purchase field. The tools made of regular materials do not last long and are damaged by some days of use; on the other hand, there is a risk of a sudden brake when you’re using them.

When you’re using the oil filter wrenches on removing an old stuck filter, it needs to apply a lot of pressure, so it is essential that they are durable. So at the time of purchase, you must see what kind of durable materials it is made of.

Oil Filter Wrench Size

You can see various size wrenches in the market. The large size wrenches have perfect grips with much longer handles. One of the advantages of this is that they help a lot in the field of easy removal by creating pressure in the more complicated filters.

Though there are many features in the longer size wrench, there are still some disadvantages. For example, you cannot use the large wrench in tight spots.


You should look for another essential feature before purchasing because different vehicle models have different oil filter diameters. Many oil filter wrench specific made for a specific model of vehicle. That’s why those wrenches cannot be used in other sizes of oil filters.

 In the field of purchase, to avoid this problem, see if the wrench is suitable for use in multiple size oil filters.

Easy to Use

When you work with an oil filter, you have to work very carefully because it is very slippery, there is a chance of damage to the filter due to any wrong direction. It is very tricky to use many wrenches.

So buy an oil filter wrench to see if it is able to give excellent grip, also see easily tightening and removing features.

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How to Use an Oil Filter Wrench Effectively

To get the best results from your oil filter wrench, follow these steps:

  1. Position the wrench correctly on the filter, ensuring a secure fit.
  2. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the filter. Use steady, even pressure.
  3. Once the filter is loose, remove it by hand.

Tips to Remove Stubborn Oil Filters

Removing a stuck oil filter can be challenging, but with these tips, you’ll find it easier:

  1. Use penetrating oil: Apply some penetrating oil to the filter’s seal to help loosen it.
  2. Use a wrench with more torque: If your wrench isn’t doing the job, opt for one with higher torque capabilities.
  3. Create a better grip: Wrap a rubber band or cloth around the filter to improve your grip.

Maintaining Your Oil Filter Wrench for Longevity

To ensure that your oil filter wrench lasts for years, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the wrench after each use.
  • Store it in a dry and clean place.
  • Avoid using the wrench for tasks beyond its capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of oil filter wrench?

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best oil filter wrench, the size of the oil filter, the amount of tight casing of the filter, the space around the filter is very tight, or there is space, because if there is not much space near to the filter, then you may have to take a spider style wrench.

After looking at all these things, you have to recognize which is the perfect choice for your oil filter.

How do you get a stuck oil filter off?

First, wait for the engine to cool down, then find the oil filter, and place the oil drain pan under the oil filter. Then use an oil filter wrench for easy removal. Next, adjust the wrench with the oil filter and turn it counterclockwise. Finally, after it is completely loose, remove it with the help of your hands.

What can I use instead of an oil filter wrench?

Instead of an oil filter wrench, you can use different things; for example, you can use an old rag, rope or similar objects to wrap around the filter. However, refrain from using things that can damage your oil filter.

Can I use WD40 to loosen the oil filter?

The short answer is “Yes.” You can use WD40 to loosen the oil filter easily. It is the safest and easiest way. First, heat the engine, then spray WD40 at the opening of the filter. Then you turn it counterclockwise with the help of an oil filter wrench.

Is hand tightening an oil filter enough?

Most of the experts recommend tightening the filter by hand. Because many times the oil filter wrench can over-tighten your oil filter, which can damage the filter. So tighten with your hands; also, look, there is no oil leakage.

Final Verdict

It is essential to find the best oil filter wrench to easily remove your oil filter and change the oil. The listed all the best oil filter wrench for stuck filters has all been well researched, and the right information of all the products has been shared after consumer analysis.

That’s why no matter which oil filter wrench you choose from this list, we are pretty sure you will not be frustrated.

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