Beam vs Click Torque Wrench – Which One Do You Need?

Tightening up your bolts to desired torque is a necessary thing. Loose bolts may come off, and over-tightened bolts may damage the threads. For getting the bolts to a specific torque, beam wrench and click torque wrench are the most common tools. 

Beam and click torque wrench does the same work. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. For a beginner, it is really hard to decide which tool to use. So, from my experience, I will compare the two tools in this article. So, let’s see Beam vs Click Torque Wrench, which one is the best. 

The Comparison Table – Beam vs Click Torque Wrench

Beam Torque WrenchClick Torque Wrench
1. Beam Torque wrenches are made of heavy metals.Click Torque Wrenches are also made of strong metal like chrome vanadium.
2.They serve a long durability while you use them in a proper way. They also serve a long durability and don’t depend on your use
3. You have to collaborate it to zero to get accurate torque. They don’t have a visual meter. So, you don’t have to collaborate it
4.It has a collaborate meter. So, you can readjust the meter to zero. So, you get accurate torque for a very long time.4. You can not readjust the tool. So, this tool doesn’t provide accurate torque for long-term use.
5.They don’t maintain torque. So, one can harm a machine.They maintain torque automatically.

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Beam vs Click Torque Wrench



Beam Torque wrenches are made of heavy metal to handle heavy pressure. Click Torque wrenches are also made of strong materials to handle heavy pressure.

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Both Beam and click torque wrenches are durable enough. Though their durability depends on their uses.


Beam wrenches come in different sizes. Click wrenches also come in the same different sizes. These sizes are ½ inch, ¼ inch, 3/8 inch.

Head Style

Both Click and Beam Torque wrench head style is fixed square. This quality gives us more space and more pressure to apply.

Work Style

Torque wrenches are different by their pressure handling. These work types are 20-150ft.-lb, 25-250ft.-lb, 20-150in.-lb, 15-80ft.-lb.


Both Beam and Click torque wrenches have the same uses. They can be used on motorcycles, bikes, cars, boats and more on.

Measure Method

You can find different measure systems on Beam and Click wrenches. This mainly differs from region to region.


Measure Type

They may measure on the same scale, but their measure types are different. In Beam Torque Wrenches you have to imply pressure by your pressure meter. On the other hand, in Click Torque Wrenches you have to follow the pressure scale at its body.


Both Beam and Click Torque Wrenches do the same work though they have a lot of weight difference. Beam Torque Wrenches are a lot lighter than Click Torque Wrenches.

Handling Torque

You have to maintain torque at Beam Torque Wrench by the pressure meter. On the other hand, you have to maintain torque at Click Torque Wrench by the scale at its body


You can collaborate with the beam torque Wrench by the pressure meter attached to its body. But you cannot collaborate with Click Torque Wrench.

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Both Beam and click torque wrenches have amazing grip. But their grip types are different because of their weight.

Advantages and Disadvantages Between Beam and Click Torque Wrench

Beam and Click Torque Wrench

Beam Torque Wrench


  1. It is accurate to do different jobs.
  2. Made of strong metal.
  3. Its accuracy is very impressive
  4. This tool measure torque from zero to maximum
  5. Hand friendly grip
  6. Capable of measuring torque in both directions.
  7. Very easy and simple to use.
  8. It has a pressure measure meter which helps us to measure exact torque.
  9. Has high visibility markings.


  1. We always have to collaborate the meter
  2. To ensure accuracy, we always have to examine the meter.

Click Torque Wrench


  1. Made of strong metal, mostly Chrome Vanadium Steel.
  2. Wrench handles are long enough to handle high torque
  3. Has good grips (rubber mostly).
  4. Product finishing  is strong enough to prevent minor scratches.
  5. Scale is easy to read.
  6. Doesn’t harm the machine by excess pressing
  7. Very easy to use
  8. We don’t need to collaborate on it.
  9. Durable enough.


  1. Don’t have a pressure meter.
  2. Leak accuracy after a long-term use.
  3. Average torque range.


Right choices make our life easy and comfortable. Both Beam and Click Torque wrenches are good enough. It differs from user to user. You have to go for the one with which you are comfortable. 

I hope this article will help to find the one for you. Thank you.

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