Martin A. Sims

Martin A. Sims

Martin A. Sims is a technician at a reputed automobile service center for the last 5 years. After studying at San Mateo College of Silicon Valley on vehicle engineering, he has started his career at age of 24. now he is spreading his knowledge among beginners around the world through

Can You Use a Torque Wrench to Loosen Bolts?

Use a Torque Wrench to Loosen Bolts

Torque wrench tools are essential for DIY, automotive, and mechanical work. However, it is not usable for the multi-purpose task. The torque wrench is usually used for accurate tightening. It is especially used for bikes, cars and various tightening work.…

Hog Ring vs Detent Pin: When to Use Each?

Hog Ring vs Detent Pin

An impact wrench is a vital tool that is primarily used in various tasks; They are slowly raising new technology and equipment to make the user experience much easier. However, despite they so much maximizing the usability, most of the…